How to get to Lozenetz?

The fastest way to get to Lozenetz by air from Sofia main city is via Airport Sofia to Airport Bourgas and than go to the bus stop from Bourgas Airport and board public bus № 15 to get to bus station "South", Bourgas main city. Getting Bourgas central station look for Sector № 6 so as to get on a minibus that departure from Burgas-Kiten-Lozenetz-Tzarevo. This distance is 60 km that is approximately 1 hour. Another option from Bourgas Airport is to take a taxi to Lozenetz downtown where the travel takes 69 km. If you have a private jet you can land at Primorsko Airport which is 13 km away from Lozenetz downtown and to take a taxi or your own. Note that track facility in Primorsko Airport size is 910 m / 300 m with asphalt coating and it is designed basically for smaller planes - 10-12 seats.


You may get to Lozenetz by train from Sofia Central Railway Station or another main city train station to Bourgas Railway Station. For sleeping and couchette carriages it is required a minimum of one-week earlier reservation, due to the limited seats during summer. From Bougras to Lozenetz you may take a minibus, taxi or a bus. Just next to Bourgas railway statio is located south bus station of Bourgas main city. It is recommended to use a minibus because it is faster and cheaper, so go to sector № 6 and get on the minibus that departure from Burgas main city to  Kiten, Lozenetz and Tzarevo,. The distance from Bourgas to Lozenetz is 60 km and takes 1 hour.


You may reach Lozenetz from Sofia Central Bus Station by a direct bus on its main route Sofia-Tzarevo and Sofia-Ahtopol. There is an option for those buses arriving at Primorsko and Kiten, where you can take on the minibus to Lozenetz. The distance from Primorsko to Lozenetz is 10 km and from Kiten it is on 5 km away. During the summer season when peak days take place (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) it is advisable to buy tickets much earlier.


First you need to get to Bourgas main city and exit it towards the route marked for Sozopol, driving on main way № 99. It takes approximately 60 km. You should pass through the following cities on your way: Burgas-Chernomorets, Atiya, Sozopol, Primorsko-Ravadinovo Kiten. Then you pass by the bridge over river Karaagach and after 4 km you will see another bridge. You should pull to the right before that bridge on an overhead road and then take the left turn and in front of you is the entrance of Lozenetz.



Sofia Airport

Bourgas Airport

Sofia Central Bus Station

"South" Bus Station Burgas


Sofia Central Railway Station

Information about train timetables with visiting hours from 04:00 pm to 01:00 pm, phone 003592/ 9311111, 003592/ 9323333, 003592/ 9323419 and Mobile: 00359884/ 139481

Railway Bureau, pre-sale tickets for domestic routes and sleeping couchette carriages with visiting hours: from 07:30 to 19:00, phone 003592/ 9322090, Mobile 00359884/ 193758

- Crates with visiting hours from 05:00 a.m. to 24:00 p.m., phone 003592/ 9323737, Mobile 00359884/ 363086

- Crates for sell and subscription cards for train with visiting hours from 07:30 to 19:00


Railway station Bourgas

- Information about train timetables with visiting hours from 06:00 pm to 22:00 pm, Phone: 0035956/ 845022 and 0035956/ 844501

- Pre-sale tickets with visiting hours from 07:00 am to 18:30 pm Phone 0035956/ 882403

- Information about sleeping couchette carriages with visiting hours from 07:00 am to 18:30 pm phone: 0035956/ 882403


Central Bus Station

Phone: 00359900/ 21000


"South" Bus Station of Bourgas main city

- Head office Phone 0035956/ 842692, GSM: 00359884/ 981220

- Crates Mobile: 00359885/ 754058

Schedule bus direction Bourgas - Lozenetz - Tzarevo 


Bus in Tzarevo

Phone 00359590/ 52078

Schedule bus direction Tzarevo - Lozenetz - Bourgas